Hawaii Records 15 Locally Acquired Dengue Cases, Works To Prevent Further Spread

News outlets report on 15 dengue cases recorded in a local outbreak in Hawaii.

ABC News: YouTube Star’s Dengue Fever Infection in Hawaii Highlights Dangers of Tropical Disease
“A pair of YouTube stars unintentionally became the face of an outbreak of a dangerous tropical disease after one of them was diagnosed with dengue fever. Hawaii health officials announced that at least 10 people have been infected with the tropical disease, also called ‘bone break fever’ for the painful symptoms…” (Mohney, 11/3).

Big Island News: Dengue Fever Count Rises to 15
“As of 1 p.m. Wednesday, a total of 15 ‘locally acquired’ cases of dengue fever have been reported on the Big Island, according to reports from the State of Hawai’i Department of Health. The Wednesday case count rose by four since Tuesday afternoon…” (Epping, 11/4).

Quartz: Why 10 cases of dengue fever in Hawaii are much scarier than the rest
“…There’s something especially worrisome about these new 10 cases, though: They came from the bites of local mosquitoes. This ups the risk of an epidemic — an ominous prospect for a state that earns nearly a fifth of its GDP from tourism…” (Guilford, 11/3).