Hawaii Dengue Outbreak Grows To 139 Infected; Prevention Efforts Pose Challenges

NBC News: Dengue Outbreak Worsens in Hawaii as 139 Ill
“An unusual outbreak of dengue virus fever has now made 139 people sick in Hawaii and authorities are debating what to do about it. ‘Of the confirmed cases, 122 are Hawaii Island residents and 17 are visitors,’ the state department of health said in an update released Monday. But there’s not much they can do, an expert at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said…” (Fox, 12/7).

New York Times: Hawaii’s Dengue Fever Outbreak Grows
“…The first cases in the current outbreak were traced back to September, and over time they developed into what is now being treated as a cluster … The cluster has now grown to rival the last major dengue outbreak, which took place in 2001 and lasted about 10 months with 92 cases on Maui, 26 on Oahu, and four on Kauai…” (Hauser, 12/7).