Half Of 2.6M Stillbirths Worldwide Preventable, Lancet Series Suggests

News outlets continue to report on findings from The Lancet Ending Preventable Stillbirths series.

Agence France-Presse: More than 7,000 babies stillborn every day
“About 7,200 babies are stillborn every day — some 2.6 million per year — and half of these deaths occur during delivery, according to a quintet of studies published by The Lancet on Tuesday…” (Le Roux, 1/18).

BBC News: Most of 2.6 million stillbirths are ‘preventable’
“…Two-thirds of last year’s 2.6 million stillbirths were in Africa. Half of stillbirths happen during labor as a result of preventable conditions, notably syphilis and malaria, they add. The studies argue stillbirths are preventable through high-quality antenatal care…” (1/19).

Wall Street Journal: Why Pakistan and India Have Such High Stillbirth Rates
“…Pakistan has the worst rate — 43 out of 1,000 pregnancies end in stillbirths — according to studies published in British health journal, The Lancet. In India, the rate was 22 in every 1,000 pregnancies in 2015 but because of its huge population, the country recorded the highest number of stillbirths around the world that year…” (Bhattacharya, 1/19).