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Haiti Making Postearthquake Progress, But Needs Remain To End Homelessness, Cholera

Wall Street Journal: News Flash: Haiti Is on the Upswing
Sean Penn, actor, director, and founder of J/P Haitian Relief Organization

“…The people of Haiti have come a long way [since the 2010 earthquake, but] there are two urgent problems that need to be addressed: postearthquake homelessness and cholera. … In collaboration with local and national government leaders, other international NGOs, U.N. agencies, donors and the community members themselves, the team at J/P HRO will continue to fulfill our mission of ‘saving lives and building sustainable programs with the Haitian people quickly and effectively.’ And with continued support and investment, our resourceful and inspiring neighbors in Haiti will overcome postearthquake homelessness and cholera…” (6/17).