Additional Resources To Address Cholera In Haiti Needed To Eliminate Disease, U.N. Adviser Says

U.N. News Centre: Gains made in Haiti cholera fight show additional resources can ensure ‘cholera will go’ — U.N. Adviser
“…In an interview with the U.N. News Service, Dr. David Nabarro, a U.N. special adviser, highlighted the recent massive recent vaccination campaign, backed by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)/U.N. World Health Organization (WHO), that reached 729,000 vulnerable Haitians and the increase in ‘rapid response’ teams, which has had a positive impact in stopping outbreaks of the disease in its tracks. ‘I want enough cash in the bank so that we can be sure of being able to have this response capacity right through into 2018. Then, we can really get this outbreak right down, numbers really small, and then if we combine it [with efforts to improve] water supplies and sanitation for every Haitian, cholera will go,’ he underscored…” (12/7).