Additional Political Will, Funding Needed To Support Efforts To End Cholera In Haiti, U.N. Officials Say

Miami Herald: U.N. pushes to finance Haiti’s cholera cleanup with leftover peacekeeping dollars
“With most U.N. member nations, including the United States, refusing to contribute toward a $400 million trust fund to eliminate an imported cholera epidemic from Haiti, U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres has cobbled together another way to get the money. Guterres wants member countries to voluntarily turn over $40.5 million that will be left over when the U.N. Stabilization Mission in Haiti ends in October…” (Charles, 6/14).

U.N. News Centre: Political will, financial support needed to bolster new approach to cholera in Haiti — U.N. deputy chief
“The United Nations deputy chief [Wednesday] called on member states to fund the organization’s new strategy to counter cholera in Haiti, stressing that the initiative is facing a critical shortage of resources. ‘Without additional resources, the intensified cholera response and control efforts cannot be sustained through 2017 and 2018,’ said Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed during an informal briefing to the General Assembly on the organization’s latest report on the strategy. ‘Without your political will and financial support, we have only good intentions and words’…” (6/14).