H1N1 Influenza Deaths Reach 1,000 In India; Different Swine Flu Strain Could Be Responsible For Some, Researcher Says

International Business Times: Swine Flu: Death Toll Reaches 1,000-Mark, 17,000 Diagnosed with H1N1 Virus
“Swine flu has claimed 1,000 lives until now with 39 new death cases being reported on Thursday. Meanwhile the reported number of individuals suffering from influenza has crossed the 17,000 mark…” (Das, 2/27).

International Business Times: Swine flu outbreak in India: Expert suggests new strains behind deaths, calls for virus studies
“A … strain of influenza virus responsible for 99.8 percent [of] flu infections in the U.S. now could be responsible for some of the deaths in the recent swine flu outbreak in India, says a visiting scientist and director of Atlanta Emory Vaccine Center…” (Jayalakshmi K, 2/26).