Guardian Seminar Explores WHO’s ‘Test And Treat’ HIV Policy With Expert Panel

The Guardian: Can WHO’s new ‘test and treat’ HIV policy reach those who need it most?
“…The WHO’s new ‘test and treat’ policy aims to cut HIV transmission by suppressing the virus in those carrying it, which decreases their likelihood of passing it on to others. Yet, reaching the remaining millions of people living with HIV who are not yet receiving treatment won’t be easy. The many barriers blocking such expansion — such as access to HIV testing, the cost of the drugs, and the persistent stigma of HIV infection — were discussed by a panel of six experts at a recent Guardian seminar, supported by Gilead Sciences, the pharmaceutical company behind many anti-HIV drugs. … The seminar took place in Durban, South Africa, during the International AIDS Society (IAS)’s 21st conference held in the city…” (Nordling, 8/3).