Guardian Podcast Reviews Global Development In 2017, Focuses On Mexico City Policy, Humanitarian Crises, Natural Disasters

The Guardian: ‘Everything was clouded by Trump in 2017’: a grueling year for poor nations — podcast
“Lucy Lamble looks back over 12 months of critical changes for developing countries, dominated by the devastating effects of the ‘global gag rule.’ One of the biggest events affecting the world’s poorest people this year was President Trump’s reinstatement of the global gag rule … There were also elections in Africa and changes that saw long-standing rulers shown the door; humanitarian crises in Myanmar, South Sudan, and other countries, where millions fled their homes; and hurricanes that devastated Caribbean islands. Lucy Lamble is joined to discuss these and other events by Jason Burke, the Guardian’s Africa correspondent, and Liz Ford, deputy editor for global development” (Lamble et al., 12/19).