Greater Investment, Action Needed To Prevent Childhood Pneumonia, Experts Say

The Telegraph: Pneumonia: how the world’s biggest killer of children became a neglected disease
“…According to Dr. Stefan Peterson, the leading expert on pneumonia for UNICEF, … lack of investment and the absence of any global initiatives, such as those seen for malaria or HIV, mean thousands of pneumonia cases are misdiagnosed and mistreated each year. In many of these cases the sufferer, usually a child, does not survive. … While the investment required remains absent, doctors and health care workers on the front line of the fight against pneumonia are coming up with their own low-cost means to try to save lives. … While such innovations are saving lives, and, if scaled up, hold promise to save many more, much more needs to be done to tackle pneumonia, says Dr. Peterson…” (Savage, 3/5).