Pneumonia Kills More Than 2K Children Daily, Despite Being Preventable, Curable, Global Health Organizations Say In New Report

Reuters: Pneumonia kills a child every 39 seconds, health agencies say
“Pneumonia killed more than 800,000 babies and young children last year — or one child every 39 seconds — despite being curable and mostly preventable, global health agencies said on Tuesday. In a report on what they described as a ‘forgotten epidemic,’ the United Nations children’s fund UNICEF, the international charity Save The Children and four other health agencies urged governments to step up investment in vaccines to prevent the disease and in health services and medicines to treat it…” (Kelland, 11/11).

The Telegraph: More than 2,000 children die from pneumonia every day, charities warn
“…In January the first ever global summit on the disease is taking place and charities hope that both international donors and affected countries will turn their attention to this disease – both in terms of committing funds and sounding the alarm. … ‘International cooperation on pneumonia is very limited — it’s a terribly neglected disease. We want to focus the attention of both the donor community and governments in high-burden countries on the sheer scale of the problem,’ [Kevin Watkins, chief executive of Save the Children,] said…” (Gulland, 11/12).