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GlobalPost Launches New Special Reporting Series On Fight Against AIDS

GlobalPost on Monday launched a new special reporting series called “AIDS: A Turning Point,” according to an email alert from the new service. “In the lead up to July’s International AIDS Conference in Washington — the first such conference on U.S. soil in 22 years — the world news site GlobalPost presents a deep look at both the global struggle to reduce HIV infection rates as well as some surprising lessons on the effective approaches that Southern Africa has to teach America,” the email alert reports (6/11).

According to the GlobalPost webpage, the series will include “field reports from Africa, the epicenter of the AIDS epidemic, and live news coverage that we hope will frame important issues at the international AIDS conference” (6/11). A number of articles were published as part of the series on Monday, including a piece examining President Barack Obama’s approach to addressing HIV/AIDS, a piece examining how lessoned learned from the fight against AIDS in Africa can be used to combat high infection rates in Washington, D.C., and a piece profiling Alan Greenberg, a leading researcher with the CDC who returned to Washington, D.C. after combatting AIDS in Africa for some 20 years (6/11).