GlobalPost Examines GHI Implementation In Guatemala

GlobalPost examines the prevalence of chronic malnutrition in Guatemala, which is one of the countries targeted by the Obama administration’s Global Health Initiative (GHI). It also looks at how the GHI is being implemented in that country.

“In Guatemala, USAID received basically the same level of funding, about $14 million, over the past two years, and just over $16 million for FY 2011. Cuts are likely ahead, given Washington’s budget crisis,” the publication reports, adding that nutrition efforts have also received about $25 million annually over the last two years from President Barack Obama’s global food security initiative.

The article describes U.S.-funded programs aimed at reducing chronic malnutrition, such as a “training process for ‘mother leaders’ in the community. A liaison between health care workers and indigenous mothers, they teach women how to cook high-protein plants within their reach” (Kriel, 7/18).