The Guardian Examines Guatemala’s Plan To Reduce Child Malnutrition

“According to the World Bank, Guatemala has the third-highest rate of chronic malnutrition, or stunted growth,” in the world, The Guardian reports. However, “[r]educing malnutrition is a priority for the government,” the newspaper states, noting a recent visit by Guatemala Vice President Roxana Baldetti to Pamumus, a village outside Guatemala City. “The [centerpiece] of Guatemala’s struggle against undernourishment is its zero-hunger plan that aims to reduce chronic malnutrition in under-fives by 10 percent by 2016,” the newspaper writes, adding that Guatemala President Otto Pérez Molina recently spoke about his government’s efforts to reduce hunger at the U.N. General Assembly. “Last week, the [European Union] announced it would provide up to €775 million [$1.05 billion] for bilateral assistance to Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras between 2014-20,” pending approval, the newspaper notes. E.U. Commissioner for Development Andris Piebalgs also visited Pamumus, saying, “We can really do something [in Guatemala], be a game-changer in areas like nutrition,” according to The Guardian (Tran, 10/9).