Global Summit To End Sexual Violence In Conflict Set To Begin In London

News outlets report on the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict, taking place this week in London.

The Guardian: How do we end sexual violence in conflict? — interactive
“This week, more than 150 ministers from across the world will converge on London for a summit on ending sexual violence in conflict, hosted by the U.K. government. But what will the conference achieve? We ask women from a number of organizations to tell us their hopes…” (Ford, 6/10).

Press Association/The Guardian: Angelina Jolie lauded by William Hague over war zone anti-rape campaign
“[British Foreign Secretary] William Hague has spoken of the ‘enormous transformative’ influence of Hollywood star Angelina Jolie in the campaign to end sexual violence in conflict zones. Hague said he and the actor have worked closely for two years to end the ‘mass crime’ of rape in war zones and would continue to do so — as they prepared to head a global summit in London on the issue…” (6/10).

Reuters: Angelina Jolie, Britain, vow real action at sexual violence summit
“Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie and British Foreign Secretary William Hague vowed on Tuesday to produce practical action from the world’s first summit on ending sexual violence in conflict to punish those responsible and help victims…” (6/10).

Reuters: World leaders face pressure to act against sexual violence at U.K. summit
“The kidnapping of 200 Nigerian girls and several recent horrific murders of women is expected to raise pressure on the world community to take concrete action to punish those responsible for sexual violence at a global summit in London this week…” (Goldsmith, 6/8).