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Global Press Journal Publishes Additional Stories In ‘Reproductive Health Around The World’ Series, Including Those Focused On U.S. Policy

Global Press Journal: What is the Mexico City Policy? (5/12).

Global Press Journal: When the U.S. Pulls the Funding Plug, How Do Reproductive Health Providers Proceed? (Kandel et al., 5/12).

Global Press Journal: Mexico City’s Shelters Provide Care to Pregnant Women Traveling North (García, 5/8).

Global Press Journal: High in the Himalaya, Family Planning Services Inaccessible to Nomadic Women (Bashir/Maqbool, 5/6).

Global Press Journal: Options for Reproductive Health Are Limited for Women in IDP Camps in DRC (Saambili, 5/5).

Global Press Journal: Support Networks ‘Invaluable’ for Mexican Women Seeking Illegal Abortions (Revilla, 5/1).