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Global PPPs For Health Must Better Mainstream Gender, Analysis Concludes

Globalization and Health Journal: Gender blind? An analysis of global public-private partnerships for health
Sarah Hawkes of the Institute for Global Health at University College London, Kent Buse of UNAIDS, and Anuj Kapilashrami of the Global Public Health Unit at the University of Edinburgh “identified 18 [Global Public Private Partnerships for Health (GPPPH)] … and conducted a gender analysis of each. … Gender was poorly mainstreamed through the institutional functioning of the partnerships. … [N]one addressed non-communicable diseases (NCDs) directly, despite the strong role that gender plays in determining risk for the major NCD burdens.” The authors suggest two areas of action: “First, GPPPH need to become serious in how they ‘do’ gender; it needs to be mainstreamed through the regular activities, deliverables, and systems of accountability. Second, the entire global health community needs to pay greater attention to tackling the major burden of NCDs, including addressing the gendered nature of risk…” (5/12).