Global Nutrition Sector Must Investigate, Debate Collective Approach To Sustainability, Scalability, Opinion Piece Says

Devex: Opinion: The tension in global nutrition that no one is talking about
William Moore, executive director of the Eleanor Crook Foundation

“…The global nutrition sector needs to critically examine its collective approach to scaling. … We’ve seen scaling analysis as a critical gap among our partners — one that is affecting the success of our investments. We’ve also seen the muddled narratives that can emerge from trying to generate attention on an issue that is presented as so multisectoral that it frequently becomes indigestible by the audiences our partners seek to engage. Our team does not claim to have the answers about what exactly is best practice for sustainability and scalability in global nutrition. But we do feel confident that the tension between multisectoral approaches and scalability requires urgent additional focus and a fair amount of healthy debate. … We are hopeful that by further investigating these tensions around nutrition and scaling, we can focus on the highest impact opportunities and radically transform the pace at which we scale the next generation of improved nutrition solutions…” (11/6).