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Global Leaders Must Address Health Care Worker Shortages

Writing in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s “Impatient Optimists” blog, Population Services International (PSI) Ambassador Mandy Moore recounts a trip to rural Cameroon, where she saw “firsthand a program that could change … reality for thousands of Cameroonians, allowing them to receive care in their communities by a trusted health worker.” Noting world leaders are meeting this week in New York City “to discuss progress on the Millennium Development Goals, and in November they will travel to Brazil for the 3rd Global Forum on Human Resources for Health,” she states, “The world has made incredible progress since these targets were set in 2000, but we have a bold vision, and to achieve it we need to address the critical shortage of health workers.” Moore concludes, “Now is the time for the United States and other governments to make firm commitments to build the health workforce and ensure access to health care for millions of people around the world” (9/19).