Global Fund’s Incoming Executive Director Outlines 5 Key Messages For Global Health Community In Speech

Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria’s “Voices”: Making the World Safe from the Threats of Emerging Infectious Diseases
In a speech delivered at the Prince Mahidol Award Conference in Bangkok, Peter Sands, incoming executive director of the Global Fund, outlines five key messages for the global health community as it addresses emerging infectious disease threats: “First, the global health community has to get better at articulating what’s at stake in making the world safer from infectious disease threats … Second, we need to talk about health security in a way that makes sense both to taxpayers in high-income countries and to the people most at risk from infectious diseases … Third, we have to embed and broaden our approach to antimicrobial resistance, so that antimicrobial resistance becomes an integral component of how we tackle infectious disease … Fourth, we need to get better at working together to tackle specific diseases and to build stronger, more resilient health systems. … Finally, we need to ensure that gender considerations inform health security strategies in a powerful, practical — and effective — way” (2/2).