Global Community Should Unify Messaging To Strengthen WHO

HuffPost: A Strong WHO: We All Have a Role to Play #WHODrivingForce
Nicole Schiegg, stratcomms consultant

“…[C]ivil society is crucial to WHO’s efforts. … We are at our best when we hear several viewpoints and still unify around a common agenda. … We all have a role to play in WHO’s success. We need to take ownership in advocating for WHO, especially in donor cities. … [W]e should get into the habit of weaving in messaging for a strong WHO into our everyday dialogue. … We as a global health community need to hold WHO accountable while making the business case for its vitality. In this spirit, let’s support [WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus] as he strives to strengthen WHO’s image through better communications and more open engagement. … I encourage everyone to use #WHODrivingForce when you tweet, especially during UNGA Week. Together we can build a health for all movement and help drive transformative change” (9/6).