International Community Should Prioritize Mental Health

HuffPost: Mental Health Money Can’t Just Follow Bombs, Bullets And Trauma
Craig Kielburger and Marc Kielburger, co-founders of WE

“…[T]he problem [of mental health disorders] is often overlooked in light of other pressing development priorities. … For many, the logic is inescapable. In the hierarchy of needs, lifting people out of poverty and ensuring they are fed comes before mental health treatment. But this thinking crumbles when you look at the massive ripple effect of untreated mental health disorders. … The international community has made tremendous strides delivering medicines, containing outbreaks, and fighting disease around the world. Now it must do the same for mental health. … We need to fund and train more psychiatrists and doctors, build community-based mental health services, and help break the cultural stigma associated with treatment… ” (10/6).