Global Community Should Carefully Diagnose Food System, Nutrition Problems, Fund Research Into Specific Areas

Nature: A new global research agenda for food
Lawrence Haddad, executive director of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), and colleagues

“…Here we set out a new global research agenda for nutrition. It is aimed mainly at researchers, funders, and governments, but has important messages for all stakeholders. … Policymakers urgently need to recognize that diets are compromising economic productivity and well-being as never before. Delegates to the upcoming G20 and G7 meetings in 2017 should take collective responsibility for fixing our failing food system. Funders who support agriculture and nutrition research must focus much more of their resources accordingly, doubling their current allocations to more nutritious food systems by 2020. Scholars and journals must become more pluralistic in the methods and approaches that they support. We can only fix problems in our food systems if we diagnose them correctly. If we do not, the world’s future health and economic problems will be very much greater than they are today” (11/30).