Global Community Must Ensure Children Have Access To Malaria Treatment

Devex: Opinion: Why we must prioritize malaria treatment for children
Pierre Hugo, senior director for access and product management at the Medicines for Malaria Venture, and Elizabeth Chizema, director of the National Malaria Elimination Centre at the Zambia Ministry of Health

“…Although children are the main victims of malaria, few antimalarial medicines have been developed with their needs in mind. … Today, child-friendly antimalarials are available, but those medicines are still not reaching the children that need them. … The use of better medicines for children needs to be maximized. … Better medicines for children do exist and their correct use at the right time makes the difference between life and death. Their use alongside appropriate diagnostics can ensure that children receive the best care possible. Dedicated players, including drug developers, policymakers, health care professionals, and procurement agencies all have key roles to play. We must all continue to collaborate to maintain and accelerate the gains made in treating children with malaria” (1/23).