Global Collective Effort Necessary To Address Barriers To Breastfeeding

Huffington Post: Breaking Breastfeeding Barriers
Lucy Martinez Sullivan, executive director at 1,000 Days

“…[W]hile women have the ability to improve the health and vitality of their children, their communities, and the world at large, they face innumerable barriers in doing so. … [I]n addition to the cognitive losses in children, poor breastfeeding rates cost countries in two other critical ways: first, in terms of higher health care costs to treat diseases that could have been prevented with better breastfeeding and second, the potential future income that is lost to maternal and child deaths due to low rates of breastfeeding. … [I]t will take a collective effort to clear the path to better enable women to breastfeed and unlock massive gains in health, cognitive potential, and economic productivity. It is why I am excited that my organization, 1,000 Days, is part of the new Global Breastfeeding Collective, a partnership of 20 prominent international agencies and organizations led by UNICEF and WHO that are committed to increasing investment policies and actions to help women to successfully breastfeed…” (8/1).