GHTC Releases Fact Sheet On U.S. Government Investment In Global Health R&D

On Tuesday, the Global Health Technologies Coalition (GHTC) published “a new fact sheet [.pdf] outlining the important contributions the U.S. government has made to global health [research and development (R&D)] and why it’s critical the United States continues to robustly support the global health research pipeline,” Nick Taylor, GHTC’s senior program assistant, writes in the group’s “Breakthroughs” blog. “Increased investments in global health research by the United States have the potential to increase the amount of tools combating global diseases,” he writes and summarizes some of the fact sheet’s data. “U.S. leaders should seize upon the recent successes in global health R&D and pass a long-term budget that ensures America’s legacy as a leader in innovation and science is not forgotten,” he concludes (11/5).