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GHIT Fund Announces $5.7M In Grants To 6 Global Health Partnerships

“The Global Health Innovative Technology Fund (GHIT Fund), a new public health partnership that is bringing Japanese know-how and investment to the global fight against infectious diseases, on Friday announced the grants of $5.7 million to six global partnerships working on innovative drugs and vaccines against malaria, tuberculosis and Chagas disease,” Nigeria’s Leadership reports. In a press release from the fund, GHIT Executive Director BT Slingsby “stated that the agency’s six new investments in potential treatments for malaria, tuberculosis and Chagas disease, infections that afflict roughly one in seven of our world’s population, were a definitive step forward for, and a clear exemplification of, Japanese innovation and its application to global health,” the newspaper notes (Oluwarotimi, 11/11). In an interview with Scientific American, Slingsby examines “the need to address neglected diseases, antibiotic resistance and what Japan brings to the table” (Maron, 11/8).