GH5050 Co-Founders Discuss Progress Toward Gender Equality In Global Health Organizations, New Report

BMJ Opinion: Kent Buse and Sarah Hawkes: Are health organizations leaders or laggards on gender equality?
Kent Buse, chief of strategic policy directions at UNAIDS and co-founder of Global Health 50/50 (GH5050), and Sarah Hawkes, co-founder and director of GH5050 and professor at the University College London, write “there are signs that organizations working [in] global health are … embracing gender equality as a way to improve health outcomes.” The authors write, “GH5050 is more than an academic exercise. We contacted the leaders of those 140 organizations [included in the inaugural Global Health 50/50 report] and asked them to make one public commitment to improve gender equality in the coming year. This ‘GH5050 Challenge’ has triggered solid commitment from some 20 organizations to date. This week, to coincide with the Women Leaders in Global Health conference in London, GH5050 launched a report with a snapshot of the commitments and changes…” (11/7).