Gavi To Provide $5M In Support Of Merck’s Ebola Vaccine Development, With Goal Of Regulatory Approval By End-2017

Associated Press: Global Vaccine promises $5 million to develop Ebola vaccine
“The global vaccine alliance Gavi says it will donate $5 million toward developing the leading Ebola vaccine, hoping that it will be approved by a regulator by the end of 2017…” (1/20).

BBC News: Ebola: $5m vaccine deal announced
“…The deal commits pharmaceutical company Merck to keeping 300,000 vaccines ready for emergency use or further clinical trials…” (Gallagher, 1/20).

Bloomberg Business: Merck to Submit Ebola Vaccine for Approval by End of 2017
“Merck & Co. has signed an agreement with Gavi, the world’s biggest funder of vaccines for developing countries, to submit its experimental Ebola vaccine for regulatory approval by the end of 2017…” (Kitamura, 1/20).

Nature: Unusual deal ensures Ebola vaccine supply
“…The deal marks the first time that the public health organization has moved to purchase a vaccine before it has been licensed…” (Hayden, 1/20).

Reuters: Vaccines alliance signs $5 million advance deal for Merck’s Ebola shot
“…If approved, Merck’s so-called VSV-ZEBOV live attenuated Ebola Zaire vaccine would become one of the world’s first licensed Ebola shots and Gavi would be able to start buying it to create a stockpile for future outbreaks, it said in a statement issued at the World Economic Forum in Davos…” (Hirschler/Kelland, 1/20).

ScienceInsider: Money donated to stockpile leading Ebola vaccine
“…Manica Balasegaram of Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said the deal was encouraging, but that MSF still needed clarification on some important details, like how the price for the vaccine will be set in the long-term…” (Kupferschmidt, 1/20).