Gavi To Disburse $29M To Help Lower-Income Countries Address COVID-19; Mass Vaccination Campaigns In Many Countries Halted

Reuters: GAVI to disburse $29 million to help COVID fight in 13 countries
“The GAVI vaccine alliance will disburse $29 million to help health systems in 13 lower-income countries fight COVID-19, it said on Thursday, part of a $200 million program approved by its board last month…” (Nebehay, 4/9).

Science: Pandemic brings mass vaccinations to a halt
” ‘A devil’s choice.’ That’s how Seth Berkley, head of GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, describes the dilemma facing global health organizations in the past few weeks. They could either continue to support mass vaccination campaigns in poor countries but risk that they would inadvertently help spread COVID-19 — or recommend their suspension, inevitably triggering an upsurge of many other infectious diseases. In the end, they chose the latter, and mass vaccination campaigns against a host of diseases are now grinding to a halt in many countries…” (Roberts, 4/10).