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Gateses Remain Optimistic About Progress On Health, Development Targets, Warn Positive Outcomes Not Guaranteed

Financial Times: Bill and Melinda Gates on the fight against global inequality
“…Bill Gates, talking from his office in Seattle shortly before [last month’s Goalkeepers] event, cautioned that further [health and development] advances were not guaranteed. ‘We want to have people be positive about what’s happened, particularly since 1990,’ he said. ‘But we also want people to understand that the potential range of outcomes between now and 2030 is very large and that (with) donor generosity, innovation, spreading best practices, we can actually do a lot better if everything comes together — or a lot worse.’ One reason for the ambivalence is the attitude of Trump himself, as president of the country that is the world’s largest provider of foreign aid. Since he took office at the start of this year, the White House has mooted significant funding cuts and has expressed a notable dislike for U.N. institutions…” (Jack, 10/18).