Gates Foundation Sets Example, Reflects Data-, Results-Driven Approach To Global Health, Development

Washington Post: Bill Gates and the golden age of global aid
Michael Gerson, opinion writer

“…The billionaire’s main contribution to global health is the manner in which he combines technology, aspiration, resources, and rigor. … Gates both drives and reflects a remarkable trend. Over the past 25 years, efforts to help the global poor have been massively ambitious and massively successful. … In this generation, remarkably effective [government and public-private] institutions to fight poverty and disease have been created that most Americans probably have never heard of. … This is — implausibly but truly — the golden age of aid. … Where, outside the best of corporate America, do you see such voluntary, strategic disruption? Such commitment to measured outcomes? It is the precise opposite of the way most people view spending on global health and development. But it is common practice in the golden age of aid” (9/28).