G8 Leaders Must Address Alzheimer’s As They Did AIDS

“As G8 government leaders meet in London later this week to launch a strategy for Alzheimer’s disease, it is worth recalling how global leaders did it for HIV/AIDS not too long ago,” Michael Hodin, executive director of the Global Coalition on Aging, writes in the Huffington Post’s “Post50” blog. He recounts the progress made against HIV/AIDS, and says, “Though the fight against AIDS must remain in full force, it is of profound significance that the leader of the 20th century UNAIDS program, Dr. Peter Piot, has recognized that Alzheimer’s is the ‘ticking time bomb’ of the 21st century.” He continues, “Given [the] incredible increase in incidence [of Alzheimer’s], this World AIDS Day we should learn from the global movement against AIDS to create a strategy for defeating the emerging global Alzheimer’s epidemic … We need health leaders to be joined by the private and public sectors — and the rest of us as well. The G8 meeting in London can be such a milestone moment” (12/9).