G20 Offers Opportunity For Trump Administration To Take Leadership Role In Advancing Women’s Economic Empowerment

The Hill: G20 gives Trump opportunity to champion women’s empowerment
Lyric Thompson, director of policy and advocacy at the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) and adjunct professor at George Washington University

“…[The G20 is] an opportunity for the Trump administration, which champions women’s economic empowerment and is rumored to be developing a global initiative on the issue. … [U]nveiling Ivanka Trump’s promised initiative on women’s economic empowerment [at the G20] would be a logical place to begin the United States’s badly needed return to multilateralism and global economic cooperation. … [M]any of the barriers that prevent women from advancing economically are the very issues [the Trump administration] has targeted for attack, such as recent efforts to deny asylum for survivors of domestic violence, one of the leading issues suppressing women’s economic participation, or efforts to reduce lifesaving access to family planning and reproductive health care, which are perhaps the most critical components enabling women’s economic participation. Together with other advocates, I’m calling for meaningful investment in women’s economic empowerment, which is a smart investment for America, but only if done right. That means unlocking the full potential of women as active citizens in their families, economies, and societies, by leveraging the power of U.S. leadership across aid, trade, and diplomatic engagement…” (11/27).