Friends Of The Global Fight President Highlights 4 Global Health Successes Of 21st Century

Huffington Post: The Best of America: Part I
Deborah Derrick, president of Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

“In a matter of weeks, I’ll be stepping away from nearly eight years of working to promote global health. … I’ve written three pieces on the progress and opportunities I’ve seen in global health. This first installment responds to a staff member who asked what I thought was the single biggest recent global health success. … The following highlights represent just a few of the many global health wins we’ve experienced in the 21st century. 1. We have cut child mortality in half … 2. We are close to defeating polio … 3. We have cut malaria death rates by 60 percent — even as world population grew … 4. We have proved that early treatment can virtually stop the spread of HIV … Given the successes that we’ve seen and the opportunities ahead, I feel sure that the United States and the global community will accelerate the fight against common threats to our health, security, and well-being. Millions of lives have already been saved. Just imagine what more might be accomplished” (3/29).