Fresh Food Supply Chains Can Learn From Recent Vaccine Supply Chain Innovations

The Guardian: Why transporting vegetables is not so different from delivering vaccines
Bruce Y. Lee, director of the Global Obesity Prevention Center at Johns Hopkins

“…Until agricultural supply chains for low-income countries are improved, fresh fruits and vegetables may have little chance against their hardier and less healthy [processed food] competitors. So what can be done to help transport fruit and vegetables around the world? Until the past few years, vaccines have faced a similar problem. … These realizations led to much greater focus on — and more resources being committed to — evaluating and improving vaccine supply chains. … The advancement of vaccines has taught us that creating a smooth path is crucial in delivering a healthy product — especially within the developing world. Fresh fruit and vegetables currently face a much more difficult path and have many more requirements than highly processed foods. But better understanding and facilitating this could well play a major role in improving health and wellbeing across the world” (7/8).