Framework Convention On Tobacco Control Celebrates Success On 10-Year Anniversary, But Challenges Remain, WHO Says

U.N. News Centre: U.N.-backed treaty set to mark 10 years of dramatic change in tobacco use worldwide
“A World Health Organization-led treaty that aims to achieve a tobacco-free world has dramatically curbed tobacco use worldwide since its entry into force 10 years ago [Friday], but ‘the war on tobacco is far from over’ with the tobacco industry still spending billions to promote products that are expected to kill some eight million people each year by 2030, the United Nations health agency said…” (2/26).

VOA News: WHO: Treaty Making Inroads in Global Tobacco Epidemic
“…[M]ore than 80 percent of the 180 countries ratifying the [Framework Convention on Tobacco Control] treaty adopted new tobacco control legislation or strengthened existing laws. … But the World Health Organization reports about six million people a year die prematurely from causes related to tobacco, the majority in low- and middle-income countries…” (Schlein, 2/26).