Reuters Special Report Examines Years-Long Philip Morris Campaign To Undermine WHO Framework Convention On Tobacco Control

Reuters: Special Report: Inside Philip Morris’ campaign to subvert the global anti-smoking treaty
“…Reuters has found that Philip Morris International is running a secretive campaign to block or weaken … provisions [of the WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, or FCTC,] that save millions of lives by curbing tobacco use. In an internal document, the company says it supported the enactment of the treaty. But Philip Morris has come to view it as a ‘regulatory runaway train’ driven by ‘anti-tobacco extremists’ — a description contained in the document, a 2014 PowerPoint presentation. Confidential company documents and interviews with current and former Philip Morris employees reveal an offensive that stretches from the Americas to Africa to Asia, from hardscrabble tobacco fields to the halls of political power, in what may be one of the broadest corporate lobbying efforts in existence…” (Kalra et al., 7/13).