WHO Tobacco Control Convention Calls For Regulation Of Heated Tobacco Products, Debates E-Cigarettes

New York Times: Flashy Science Hub and Vaping Parties Fail to Win Friends at WHO Tobacco Talks
“…The delegates were there for the regular biannual session to update the health organization’s world tobacco treaty, formally known as the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Since it took effect in 2005, the treaty has had an enormous impact on public health. … But this year the delegates, along with public health regulators around the world, are facing a new, pressing question: what to do about the explosive growth of alternatives to combustible cigarettes…” (Kaplan, 10/7).

VOA News: Health Organization Seeks Regulation of Heated Tobacco Products
“Delegates from 148 parties to the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control are calling for new heated tobacco products on the market to be regulated in the same way cigarettes and other tobacco products are. Heated tobacco products (HTPs) are not e-cigarettes. They are products that contain nicotine and other chemicals, which are inhaled by users, through the mouth. The tobacco industry markets these devices as being less harmful than regular cigarettes…” (Schlein, 10/6).