Following 2 Major Earthquakes, Nepal Begins To Rebuild; U.N. Praises Emergency Preparedness, Says Relief Workers Must Listen To Local Populations

Devex: Disaster responders must listen to Nepalese — Valerie Amos
“…After returning from a visit to the disaster zone, where 8.1 million people require humanitarian assistance, Valerie Amos — speaking to Devex before a second 7.3-magnitude quake hit the country May 12 — said that communicating with affected districts was ‘critical’ during the crisis…” (Jóźwiak, 5/13).

Reuters: Mental health worry for Nepalis traumatized by aftershocks
“The powerful 7.3 magnitude tremor that struck Nepal this week left an already traumatized population gripped by even deeper fear, underlining concerns that the country is ill-prepared to cope with the mental side effects…” (Macaskill/Mahr, 5/13).

U.N. News Centre: Nepal’s emergency preparedness saved lives in earthquake aftermath — U.N. health agency
“The emergency preparedness efforts implemented by the Government of Nepal over the past 15 years have ensured that key elements of the health sector remained ready and able to function during the recent earthquake that devastated large swathes of the mountainous country, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) said [Wednesday]…” (5/13).