FCAA Releases Report, Resource On Philanthropic Funding For Community-Based Action On HIV/AIDS

Funders Concerned About AIDS: New FCAA Report Highlights Challenges & Opportunities for Funding Community-Based Action on HIV/AIDS
“As it kicked off its Annual AIDS Philanthropy Summit [on Monday], Funders Concerned About AIDS (FCAA) released a new report, Last mile funding: improving practice in philanthropic funding of community action on AIDS. The report highlights the ways in which funders can more effectively support community-based responses to HIV and AIDS. … In addition to the report, FCAA recently embarked upon a new data initiative to create a baseline against which to track the level of HIV philanthropy reaching local, national, and international civil society organizations (CSOs). … The objective for this year’s funder convening is identifying new tools and opportunities to increase investment in community-based approaches…” (11/5).