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Family Planning Is ‘Key To Other Global Health Goals’

TIME: Bill Frist: Contraception Is A Pro-Life Cause In Developing World
Bill Frist, former U.S. senator from Tennessee, and Jenny Eaton Dyer, executive director of Hope Through Healing Hands

“…With an increased focus on maternal, newborn, and child health over the past few years, the global community has seen real progress against daunting challenges. An underappreciated part of that story is healthy birth spacing and timing, or family planning, which has a profound effect on the survival and quality of life of both mothers and children. … Healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies, alongside an increase in births taking place in health centers with skilled care during delivery and postpartum care, offers a strikingly successful model to reduce maternal mortality and improve child survival. … [H]ealthy timing and spacing of pregnancies is also a key to other global health goals, like combating hunger and improving the status of women and girls. Family planning is a key, often hidden, engine for additional global health achievements…” (3/21).