False Rumors About Ebola In U.S., DRC, Elsewhere Make Ending Outbreak In Congo More Difficult

The Hill: Ebola outbreak in Africa spreads fake news in America
“An outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in two African nations is reviving false claims among right-wing conspiracists that the virus is present in the United States, highlighting the emerging threat that rumors spread through social media play in combating real diseases. … The rumors can make the work of fighting a virus all the more difficult; in both the Ebola outbreak in West Africa five years ago and the current outbreak, some communities have come to believe that [governments] or outside health workers have brought the virus with them as a way to commit ethnic cleansing or genocide…” (Wilson, 6/12).

PolitiFact: Are migrants with diseases like Ebola being dumped in San Antonio? No
“…[T]he flurry of social media attention to Ebola-infected migrants drove the City of San Antonio to hold a news conference to debunk those rumors on June 12. … While there is an Ebola outbreak in eastern Congo and while a number of Congolese immigrants have been showing up on the U.S.-Mexico border before being routed through San Antonio, government officials agree that none of these migrants have Ebola…” (Jacobson, 6/12).