Experimental Malaria Vaccine Candidate Uses New Target To Stop Parasite’s Growth

News outlets report on a new experimental malaria vaccine candidate.

Deustche Welle: U.S. researchers say a new malaria vaccine candidate stops the parasite mid life cycle
“Most malaria vaccine candidates work by preventing parasites from entering human red blood cells. A newly discovered antibody takes a different approach: it traps the parasites inside the cells…” (Osterath, 5/22).

NPR: Experimental Malaria Vaccine Blocks The Bad Guy’s Exit
“For the first time in decades, researchers trying to develop a vaccine for malaria have discovered a new target they can use to attack this deadly and common parasite…” (Harris, 5/22).

Science: New Malaria Vaccine Shows Promise in Mice
“…[A] study of malaria-resistant children in Tanzania has turned up an antibody that helps stop the infection in its tracks. Based on this antibody’s actions, scientists have developed a preliminary vaccine that shows promise in mice…” (Norton, 5/22).