Experimental HIV Vaccine Well-Tolerated, Prompts Immune Response In Early Clinical Trials, Researchers Report At IAS 2017

Quartz: There’s a promising new HIV vaccine that can protect against multiple strains at once
“…[R]esearchers from NIAID and Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies, which is owned by Johnson & Johnson, reported results from a successful preliminary clinical trial at the International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Science in Paris. The study, which was called APPROACH, uses a new kind of vaccine that targets several strains of HIV simultaneously, and appears to not cause any lasting side effects in people who receive it…” (Foley, 7/24).

Vox: There’s a promising new HIV vaccine candidate in the pipeline
“…The mosaic vaccine was developed using a computer algorithm to analyze HIV data from around the world and select a range of HIV sequences to include in a shot. It’s called a ‘mosaic’ because it involves taking pieces of different viruses and sticking them together to generate immune responses that can cover a broad range of HIV subtypes. … A word of caution, though: We’re only in the early phase of human testing, and the vaccine could ultimately fail to prevent the virus from spreading among people…” (Belluz, 7/24).