Experimental Chikungunya Vaccine Shows Success In Trials; DoD Funding Will Help Predict Outbreaks

Media outlets examine research toward a chikungunya vaccine.

Bloomberg News: Vaccine for Mosquito-Borne Virus Shows Promise in Tests
“A novel vaccine developed by U.S. government researchers is showing promise against chikungunya, a debilitating mosquito-borne virus that started spreading this summer in the southern U.S…” (Cortez, 8/14).

Reuters: Experimental chikungunya vaccine shows promise in human trial
“An experimental vaccine being developed by U.S. government scientists to prevent the painful mosquito-borne viral disease chikungunya has shown promise in its first human trials but remains years away from approval for widespread use…” (Dunham, 8/15).

ScienceInsider: Chikungunya threat inspires new DARPA challenge
“The research branch of the U.S. Department of Defense wants to know when and where the next outbreak of the mosquito-borne chikungunya virus will occur, and it’s offering $150,000 for the best new approach…” (Servick, 8/15).