Exchange Of Ideas, Youth, Frontline Health Workers Essential To Global Health

Writing in IntraHealth’s “Vital” blog, IntraHealth International President and CEO Papa Amadou Gaye discusses his participation last month in the annual meeting of the Partners for Population and Development (PPD) in Beijing, China. “I spoke to the assembled ministers of health and finance about the vital role of the health workforce. Investing in frontline health workers, I explained, may help us finally traverse the last mile in providing health care services to those who are in desperate need of them,” he writes. To reach collective global health goals, “we must have three things,” he writes, adding, “The first is a platform such as PPD that provides a voice for its members and allows countries in the global South to exchange experience and ideas. The second is a focus on the world’s young people, including embracing all the technologies available to us to reach them. And third, we must ensure that health workers remain at the center of all of our efforts to tackle global health challenges” (11/5).