Even U.S. Hospitals With Specialized Centers Face Challenges In Treating Ebola Patients

News outlets examine U.S. hospitals’ preparations to handle Ebola cases.

New York Times: Questions Rise on Preparations at Hospitals to Deal With Ebola
“Federal health officials have offered repeated assurances that most American hospitals can safely treat Ebola, but Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, which had years of preparation for just such a crisis, found out how hard that is while it cared for three Ebola patients…” (Grady, 10/13).

Wall Street Journal: Ebola Response Strains Hospitals
“As the Ebola epidemic in West Africa expands, more cases could require treatment at U.S. hospitals far from the specialized centers that have handled patients so far. But the challenges even these medical centers have encountered show the steep learning curve others face…” (McKay/Loftus, 10/13).