Establish Global ‘Super Fund’ To Support Children In Conflict Zones

Huffington Post: Sad Faces, Sad Futures and a Recipe for Change
Harry Leibowitz, co-founder and board chair at World of Children

“…All [children in conflict zones] want is to grow up in peace and have a chance at life. Instead, they are forced to suffer in horrendous conditions and are, more often than not, victims of predation. … Part of the problem is the competition — yes, competition — between organizations supposedly trying to help these children. … It is a heresy, I know, but it is time to change this pattern and waste of time and resources. Under the auspices of an apolitical organization such as the World Health Organization, a ‘super fund’ should be established and funded by both the first world governments and then the other service organizations whose mission is direct assistance to children…” (2/7).