Eradicating Polio From Nigeria By 2017 Requires Sustained Funding, Commitment

Devex: Nigeria’s polio-free gift to Africa
Ado Jimada Gana Muhammad, executive director and CEO of the National Primary Health Care Development Agency

“…It is … expected that all stakeholders sustain — and where need be, increase — their support for the polio eradication program in Nigeria. Government at all levels should continue to provide the necessary leadership, oversight, and funding. To achieve eradication in the next two years, surveillance requires further improvements to make it more sensitive. The quality of the polio campaign must be maintained, by sustaining and scaling up innovative strategies … The program therefore needs sustained funding and the commitment of all personnel, especially the frontline health workers, as well as the support and understanding of all Nigerians as it heads towards eradication in 2017…” (11/16).